Owais Qarni and his love for Prophet

Hazrat Owais Qarni R.A HISTORY is a story that sets a model for every one of the Muslims as to how even without meeting the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive), one might, in any case, procure Allah’s approval and His pleasure, by virtue of his undaunted love for the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive).

Hazrat Owais Qarni R.A  MAZAR LOCATION W55J+8J9, Manjhand, Jamshoro, Sindh

Hazrat Owais Qarni R.A MEANING

AWAIS ALI أويس القرني
Born594 CE
EthnicityMurad, Arab
KunyaAbu Amr (أَبُو عَمْروْ)
Known ForTabi’un


Imam Muslim named one full chapter in his one of the most reliable tomes of Hadith in Qarni’s name: “The Virtues of Owais Qarni” in Sahih Muslim. It records a Hadith quoting Umar ibn Al-Khattab, who said: “I heard Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, saying: ‘There would come to you Owais b. Amir, of Qarn, a branch of the Murid tribe, along with the reinforcement of the people of Yemen. He had been suffering from leprosy which would have been cured but for the space of a dirham. His treatment of his mother would have been very kind. If he would take an oath in the name of Allah (for something), He would honor it. Ask him to beg forgiveness for you (from Allah) in case it is possible for you.”

Owais Qarni (may Allah favor him) would never meet the Prophet (harmony arrive) face to face, yet he is ostensibly the main individual in Islamic history who is said to have been concurred the situation with sahabi (sidekick) by, as a matter of fact, Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive) himself. (To be a friend, required the basis of meeting the Prophet while having confidence.)

Imam Muslims named one full part in one of the most solid books of Hadith in Qarni’s name: “The Virtues of Owais Qarni” in Sahih Muslim. It records a Hadith citing Umar ibn Al-Khattab, who said: “I heard Allah’s Messenger, harmony arrive, saying: ‘There would come to you Owais b. Amir, of Qarn, a part of the Murid clan, alongside the support of individuals of Yemen. He had been experiencing uncleanliness which would have been relieved however for the space of a dirham. His treatment with his mom would have been exceptionally kind. Assuming he would make a vow for the sake of Allah (for something), He would respect it. Request that he ask grace for you (from Allah) in the event that it is feasible for you.”

Qarni was brought into the world in the Asir locale of Saudi Arabia, 594CE. His dad, Aamir, was a God-dreading individual. He gave Islamic schooling to his child yet kicked the bucket leaving Owais a vagrant early on. The family was poor and couldn’t manage the cost of advanced education for him. He committed him to implore, fasting and administration to his mom. Owais had significant love for Islam and its Messenger.

Owais discovered that there is an extraordinary compensation in Islam for serving guardians. His mom was debilitated and blind. So he committed himself exclusively to the assistance of his mom.

He was 28 years old when Holy Prophet (harmony arrive) had moved to Madinah Munawwarah. He really wanted to visit him, yet was engrossed with the assistance of his wiped-out mother. However, he would keep a tab on the improvements in Hijaz.

At the point when he caught wind of the miserable insight about the Battle of Ohud (625CE) when a tooth of the Prophet was martyred, Qarni out of affection for him, broke every one of his teeth. Consequently was his adoration for the Holy Prophet (harmony arrive).

The Holy Prophet (harmony arrive) had some awareness of Qarni and his affection for him. He once told Omar ibn Khattab about Qarni and had anticipated that Omar would meet Qarni after his (the Prophet’s) takeoff from the world. He gave everyone the insights concerning him and encouraged him to look for supplications for his pardoning and for the entire Ummah.

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The buddies inquired as to whether they could see him however the Holy Prophet (harmony arrive) answered: “No, main Omar receptacle Khattab and Ali would meet him,” and gave character signs of Qarni. He coordinated Omar and Ali: “When you see him, pass on to him my salaam and request that he petitions God for my Ummah.

During Prophet’s (harmony arrives) last days, he requested that Omar and Ali pass his Jubba (the favored shroud) to Qarni and request him to appeal to God for the pardoning from the Muslim Ummah. This exhibits the lifted-up status of Qarni.

Qarni, the Prophet is said to have commented, is awesome among tabeiin, (the second era of the friends). Qarni scoured the favored shroud over his face and eyes and kissed it when he at long last got it. The favored shroud, it is said, is safeguarded in Istanbul, Turkey.

Alluding to Qarni, the Holy Prophet (harmony arrive) when told his colleagues: “There is an individual in my Ummah whose requests would carry pardoning to however many heathens as to the quantity of the sheep in the clans of Rabia and Mudar.

The two clans of Rabia and Mudar were notable for raising sheep during the hour of the Holy Prophet (harmony arrive).

User receptacle Jabir detailed that when individuals from Yemen came to help (the Muslim armed force during the fight), Caliph Omar could ask them: “Is there among you Owais container Amir? (He kept thinking that he is out) until he met Qarni. He let him know the expression of the Holy Prophet (harmony arrive) about him and asked him for his request and said: “Where do you expect to go?

He said: To Kufa.

Umar said: Let me compose a letter for you to its lead representative,

However, Owais said: I love to live among the destitute individuals.

Umar was intrigued with his basic character and requested that Owais Qarni appeal to God for him. He answered, “I appeal to God for the absolution of everybody toward the finish of each and every request. Assuming you keep your confidence in Allah and His Messenger (harmony arrive), you will accept my requests in your graves.

Here is the well-known summon of Owais Qarni: “O Allah, You made me when I was not deserving of notice; And You accommodated me when I didn’t have anything, And I violated my spirit and trespassed, and I admit my culpability. Assuming You pardon me, that will not the slightest bit lessen Your power; And assuming that You rebuff me, that will not the slightest bit increase Your position. You can track down others to rebuff other than me, But I can see as nobody to pardon me except for You. Really, You are the Most Merciful of the individuals who have pity. The Holy Prophet (harmony arrive) said “Owais will come to Madinah to meet me, yet he won’t find me actually, for I will then be joined with my Lord.”

At the point when individuals in Qarn started venerating him and thinking of him as a holy person, by virtue of his status in Islam, he left Qarn for Kufa where he participated in granting Islamic training.

Afterward, he participated in the sad Battle of Siffin (37AH) where he was lethally injured, thusly kicking the bucket at 63 years old. He was covered at Al-Raqqah, Syria. A fantastic Aal-Zaria Mosque as Jaame Owais Qarni remains at Qarn in Asir locale and one more Owais Qarni Mosque in Ilford UK.

The adoration for the Holy Prophet is the help that can be accomplished without meeting him. This opens the entryway for a great many Muslims living in various regions and periods of the world. The existence of Owais Qarni urges us to adore Holy Prophet (Peace arrive) however we have not seen him and to get higher positions as got by Owais.

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