HAZRAT YOUSUF Episode 06 Dubbed in (Urdu/Hindi)

In HAZRAT YOUSUF Episode 06 From the perspective of Muslims, this account essentially recounts the most crucial events in Prophet HAZRAT YOUSUF’s life. The following are the most significant events: 1. His trip to Egypt 2. His birth and upbringing in Egypt 3. His issues in life when his “owner,” Zuleikha, falls in love with him and expects him to reciprocate. 4. His time in prison and the way he reforms the inmates 5. His return to the Pharaoh’s side 6.

His ascension to the pharaoh’s side as an advisor. 7. His brothers’ arrival in Egypt, and how he decides to make them repent their mistakes so that they can be forgiven and live in peace. 8. His reunion with his family after a 20-year apart.

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