Hazrat Ibrahim, also known as Abraham in the Hebrew Bible, was given the title KHALILULLAH, which means “Allah’s companion.” Ibrahim is revered by the three main revealed religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as the forefather of many great Prophets.

Ibrahim (A.S.) is one of the Quran’s twenty-five prophets. He is also one of the five Ulul’azm (Arch-Prophets) prophets, who have written books and divine religious rules. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Prophet Mohammad are Allah’s five prophets (S.A.W.).
Different Islamic Scholars have told different stories concerning Ibrahim’s age (A.S.). Some say he lived for 169 years, some believe he lived on earth for 175 years, while yet others say he lived for 195 years. All accounts, however, indicate that Ibrahim (A.S.) lived for more than 150 years on this planet.

Ibrahim (A.S.) is a prophet who is put to the test by Allah, and despite tremendous hardships and tribulations, he was shown to be a servant who kept his word and maintained a respectful demeanour.

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