Besharat E Munji is a television series about the life of Prophet Jesus A.S., produced by Iranian producer Nadir Talib Zadeh. In this film, Ahmad Najfi played Prophet Issa A.S. The serial maker only used Islamic sources for events, such as the Holy Quran, the Gospel of Barnabas, and other Islamic books, to tell the correct and true story of Prophet Issa a.s (Marriam Muqaddas) Watch Here The original language of this serial was Persian, and when it was made, Iranian cinema also developed a short film based on the scenes of this serial called The Christ (Messiha), which was shown in cinemas for two hours.
This serial was then broadcast on numerous Iranian TV stations, and it was a worldwide success, particularly among Muslims and Christians in Eastern Europe. This film and TV serial of Issa Maseeh A.S was later translated into Arabic and many other languages.

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